Solar water heaterRaysSol  is one of the India’s leading supplier and service provider of solar water heaters .We all are familiar with the sun energy i.e solar energy in generous at free of cost. Solar water heater (SWH) basically the conversion of sun radiation into solar energy by using thermal collectors.

These are energy savers and reliable, RaysSol water heating systems fulfill the daily hot water requirements, as per your family sizes, weather conditions, space availability, and annual solar radiation. These are pollution free, economical, and easy for operation in warm countries like ours.

While choosing solar water heating systems we have a well trained engineering team, making installation easily accessible to customers, through which every home get sun’s energy. We provide extensive warranty and after sales support to make sure that we meet the highest quality standards.


RaysSol has a wide range of solar water heating systems range from 100LPD-500LPD (liters per day) of Evacuated thermal collectors (ETC) & Flat plate collectors (FPC). Uses of solar water heaters for –

  1. all types of buildings, old age homes, apartments, bungalows
  2. schools, colleges, hostels, university campuses , educational centers
  3. hospitals, clinics & child care centers
  4. Hotels, restaurants, messes, guest houses, swimming pools, laundries, resorts & spas.
  5. Industries & commercial applications etc.
  6. Having for other applications where hot water is needed.

Why RaysSol Water Heating System

  1. Minimal- time for Installing & Commissioning Services
  2. Leading Supplier/Exporter in Solar water heaters.
  3. In-house young and energetic professional team and Service network over PAN INDIA
  4. Years of experience in installing & commissioning Solar water heater projects
  5. Solutions to all problems from one company under one roof
  6. Completion of project in given period of time with responsibility
  7. Best rates ever in industry
  8. Wow! – after sales services
  9. 20+ In-house trained professionals team members to complete the service at the earliest.
  10. 200+ Solar Water Heater Projects experience


  1. A 100 liters capacity solar water heater can replace an electric geyser of 2 kW capacity for residential use and saves 1500 units of electricity annually.
  2. A 100 LPD system (2 sq.m of collector area) installed in an industry can save around 140 liters of diesel in a year.
  3. A Solar water heater of 100 LPD capacity can prevent the emission of 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Tips for Reducing Your Water Heating Electricity Bills-

  1. Use Less Hot Water
  2. Installing a SOLAR WATER HEATER
  3. If using Geyser then turn down your water heater’s THERMOSTAT.
  4. Purchase ENERGY STAR APPLIANCES, such as dishwashers and clothes washers.
  5. Wash your clothes in COLD WATER.
  6. FIX LEAKS: A leak of one drip per second can save your bills.