Solar Pump runs on electricity which generates by sun energy i.e. solar energy. These are more economical from the view of less pollutant and have fewer maintenance costs. These are very useful where electricity and other resources of power are unavailable. Solar pumps are designed basically in which direct DC power from the solar panels is used and are accessed for operating under less sun radiation.

Solar pump rayssol


  • Agriculture irrigation Systems.
  • Drip irrigation & sprinkler.
  • Shallow wells, ponds & storage tanks.
  • Parks
  • Resorts & Hotels
  • Nursery.


• Intelligent works on solar as well as grid if needs.
• Solutions for all kinds of surface & submersible pumps.
• Easily integrated with the existing pumps.
• Increase the efficiency of input power with the help of MPPT technology.
• Easy to maintain & operate.
• Eco-friendly & pollution free energy.
• Operate in the day time for irrigation.
• A Continuous supply of water up to 6-8 hours in a day.
• Increases the system life with the soft starts features which prevent water hammer.

 Why choose solar pump

• Energy used at free of cost from the sun energy.
• Zero maintenance as compares to generators & Internal Combustion engines.
• Independent from the use of electricity as well as oils.
• Ideal for remote areas, where there is no source electricity.
• More savings & Save 75 tonnes of CO2 over the next 25 years.
• All work is done in the day time, so no need to wake up in nights.
• Payback Period 2-3 Years when compared equivalent water comes from diesel generators.