How using the solar power can make you rich?

Everyone knows that using of solar power is better than alternate source .but did you think why a lot of people are not still using solar power?

I’ll tell you how using a solar energy  can make you rich but before we should know that how solar panel or solar energy works

The first thing we should know common definition of solar its is a way to utilize the sun radiation for making work for a human being without generating pollution or using fossil fuel.

there is a lot of way to using solar power like if you want to glow your bulb then you will use the solar panel and battery or let if you want a hot shower without paying any penny so you will you solar power .so

there are some ways to using solar power according to purpose  solar thermal for  hot water and solar

photovoltaic for glowing solar power can make you rich

Now the second thing we all knows about the benefits of  using solar  as I discussed.

You know if we talking about solar photovoltaic only Indian Government have a target  to complete 200 GW( GigaWatt) of solar plant  till 2020

now think why Indian Government is installing 200 GW let me clear

1000W=1KW (Kilo Watt)

1000KW=1MW (Mega Watt)


and till 2016  110 GW Govt. has commissioned.

Indian Government is installing solar power plant because it is cheaper than another alternate source for a long time  and this is the secret of using solar power

for the commercial sector and residential sector solar power is best for saving money because for commercial grid unit is approx 11-14 RS but if we calculate the unit from solar for 6-7 years it will cost you only 5-6 Rs

and for residential grid unit charged you below 400 unit 4-5 Rs but if your consumption is more than 400 units then they will charge 6-8 Rs for the lifetime but in solar you have to pay only 6-7years

From above calculation, you can calculate that how much money you are spending annually on your electricity only.

let an example if you have  1KW Solar power plant then Yearly you can save  10000 Rs approx for the lifetime now it depends on you that how much capacity of plant you need to save  

From Apr our company is giving you more freedom because we are financing the project for the home owner and industry and school from this you can take more benefits from solar .

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