Solar Project financing in India:How to get finance?
solar financing india

Helps you to get Solar Project financing in India? After completion of your power purchased agreement, feed-in tariff contract (Net Metering Scheme); now you are thinking “I need to get my Solar project Financing in India!” Here some points which help you to financing solar project:- • Agreeing to use the debt providers IE(independent engineer […]

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Rooftop solar panel:Top 10 Brands (manufacturer) in India?
rooftop solar panel

Top 10 best brands for rooftop solar panel (manufacture) in India?   As growing solar industry there is tough competition between rooftop solar panel manufacturers to project the whole market with their product. In last five years, a boom in solar industries has been seen whereas some of our Indian manufacturers also list in top […]

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Alternative energy- How this can keep you out of trouble?
alternative energy rayssol

How alternative energy sources can keep you out of trouble?   In summer days when you need more energy on whole day then sudden cuts of electricity causes to you irritate or think? In that condition either you choose diesel generators or other alternative energy sources like inverters. Is choosing diesel generators or alternative energy […]

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How solar power can make you rich?
how solar power can make you rich

How using the solar power can make you rich? Everyone knows that using of solar power is better than alternate source .but did you think why a lot of people are not still using solar power? I’ll tell you how using a solar energy  can make you rich but before we should know that how […]

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Before Buy Solar Water Heater Everyone Have To Know These Things
solar water heater rayssol

If you are planned to buy solar water heater in coming season or for your business solutions you should have to know these points. Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS) Certified? Yes. it is compulsory for all solar water heaters installed in buildings to be certified by BIS Norms. Why BIS Norms Certified?? Recently in markets the […]

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