How alternative energy sources can keep you out of trouble?


In summer days when you need more energy on whole day then sudden cuts of electricity causes to you irritate or think?
In that condition either you choose diesel generators or other alternative energy sources like inverters.
Is choosing diesel generators or alternative energy sources for a long time is reliable?

Take a look at the prices of diesel rises in few last year’s which give you a fair idea about how much we are aware of the other alternative energy sources like solar energy

alternative energy source

From above graph we can conclude if the price were to increase after 1 years by 13% per unit price(which has been the trend), diesel would cost about Rs 83/litre in 2020 and the cost of unit price from diesel would too close to Rs 25/kWh.

To overcome the future price rises why not you choose alternative energy sources i.e. solar energy..? Think one question if you really worry about electricity price rises i.e.

why pay more bills on electricity as we are talking about to next coming years price rises of electricity?

Is another way of alternative energy sources to get cheaper electricity as compared to diesel generators, supply electricity and inverters also?

Yes, we choose solar energy as alternative energy sources which are cheaper than the other fossil fuels and available at free of cost.

As we all of know about solar energy as alternative energy sources which is produced by sun radiation at free of cost and it is available at any places of the earth.

Many of us don’t know about the sun rises approx. 300days in a year.

Why Choose Solar energy as alternative energy sources?
• As compared to diesel generators the price unit of electricity from solar panels is less costly.
• Get 25 years electricity price at the same unit price as you buy from today.
• No need to worry about future electricity & diesel price rises.
• Create electricity under one roof, don’t dependent on others.
• Add value to your property.
• Environment-friendly.
• No maintenance.
• Payback within 4-5 Years when we are talking about the on-grid power plant and 5-7 Years when we are talking about the off-grid power plant.

If I have 24hrs electricity at my home so why I need solar energy?
• Under Net Metering Scheme you can sell the excess solar energy to your local discoms at the same unit price under which you buy electricity.
• Reduce Electricity bills as much you want to save.
• Get Govt. policy benefits like a subsidy, tax benefits, state govt. policy etc
• Almost zero maintenance as compared to diesel generators as well as inverters also.

I think this option fits you a better to save the energy bills as well as the smart way to choose reduce your electricity bills for a long time.





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